Do you love vintage style?

The fall and winter of this year seems to be more numerous and complicated lively compared with previous years. Black and grey no longer dominate the world, sweet candy colors occupy the mainstream in this autumn and winter; Delicate and beautiful printings let the bleak autumn/winter covere a layer of gorgeous gauze; Elegant 40 s, retro 50 s and even 80 s punk agitation or Victoria in the 19th century, making this autumn and winter quite prismy and vintage.

After the second world war, ladies are thirst for luxury things, everything that show luxury would pile up. Among them, fur is the element that every lady scrambled for, even they don’t have a long mink fur coat, they would wear a white fox shawls on the shoulder, someone says that it was the great depression that made fur so fashionable. The picture of Lana Turner with white fox fur shawls become her most famous portrait, every time when we  mention luxury Hollywood, we would think of her white fox fur coat and dress. No matter in 40s or this autumn/winter, fur is still very popular and loved by many ladies


On 2013 Milan fashion week, 50s and 60s style fur clothes can be seen everywhere. Famous brands like Simonetta Ravizza, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Sergei Grinko, Simonetta Ravizza and Prada have all adapted 50s-60s fashion elements. The luxury fur makes the clothes not only vintage but also very modern. Voguequeen vintage fur coats are clothes that combined retro and modern together.


On Fendi 2013 fashion show, punk hair style and colorful fur clothes combined together, so modern and bold. It’s just the bold clipping and dye make fendi the leader of the fur fashion.


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